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About the Fund

The Fund was created in 1980 after a sum of money was left in trust on the death of a long standing Marlow resident, Pam Myers. Her express wish was that the money should be invested wisely, and the income generated from this should be used to support residents of Marlow, who were facing financial difficulties. The Fund has a board of trustees, drawn from the local community who manage the Fund and assess applications for support. Over the years the Fund has awarded in excess of 500 grants totalling more than £250,000.

Marlow Suspension Bridge over the River Thames at sunset, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

What we Do


Grants have been awarded to people of all ages, and for a wide range of purposes.


Supporting the Elderly

The Fund has been called upon to support elderly residents in a number of ways, from paying for short-term relief carers to helping to improve living arrangements & conditions.


The aim has been to allow elderly residents to continue to live in their own homes comfortably, and support carers looking after disabled relatives.

Helping Children

The Fund regularly pays for additional nursery school fees for children in challenging situations, alongside supporting children with health and developmental issues.


Over the years a number of families have received computers and software packages to help children with their school homework & studies. The Fund has also helped provide school uniform for a number of children.

The Fund’s trustees are particularly keen to provide grants to parents to help give their children the best start in life possible.

Aiding Those in Need

Many families moving into social housing in Marlow are faced with not having many of the basic household fixtures that are generally taken for granted. The Fund has paid for carpets, fridges, ovens, beds and furniture to help families create a comfortable home.

During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown the Fund was called upon to assist families who had ‘fallen through the gap’, and were unable to get government support through the furlough scheme or other business support schemes.

Am I eligible for a grant?

To check if you are eligible for a grant click here.

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